Amy is currently a third-year Computer Science major at U.C. Berkeley. She likes to cook meat and climb tall things. Recently, she's gotten into bead art. Overall, she's pretty all right.


Amy's worked in a few places...

Google: FEP Software Engineering Intern, June 2012-August 2012

  • Implemented Product Ads on mobile devices
  • Extensive use of MapReduce, BigTable, ProtocolBuffers, and other internal Google technology
  • Created a demo website that would serve contextually appropriate ads from the server

Astrid: Android Intern, January 2012

  • Pair programmed with the lead Android developer on Astrid, a social to-do list application
  • Created and implemented a natural language date parser using regexes to the Android app
  • Added UI features that improved the first-time user experience

Personal Projects

Amy likes to code for fun sometimes...

Fill the board with a single color in as few moves as possible!
A simple android widget that keeps track of a single habit for 21 days. By 21 days, the habit should be effortlessly automatic.
A fun little Android app that gamifies your workouts. Perfect for living room, body-weight exercises!


Amy pokes around in people's phones in search of knowledge...

She helped write this paper: “Netcalls: End Host Function Calls to Network Traffic Processing Services“.

She's currently working on a paper about mobile devices leaking personally indentifiable information (Estimated date to be finished: June 2013).


You can contact Amy at her LinkedIn
or her email, amytang0 at gmail dot com.